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best daily motivational quotes for diet and fitness goals in gym whatsapp

Best Diet Quotes - Motivational Quotes for Diet Fitness Goals

 This body of ours is a gift from God. When a child is born , his body is supple , smooth , not stiff and free from all the defects because it is a newly sent creature from the Nature's lap. As we grow , our eating habits change and we unknowingly start playing Havoc with our body. Processed food , unseasonal vegetables and fruits , no exercise , no getting up sleep schedule. All these factors add and we land our body in a situation which we never desired. Let's not forget even for a second that it is my body , my soul resides in it. If anything goes wrong with it , sufferer is me only. Only I will have to bear the pains if it is in a bad or deteriorated form. It is said having a healthy food makes our body healthy.

Inspiring Motivational Quotes on Leadership | Famous Leadership Quotes

Quotes on How to Be an Effective and Inspiring Leader

short leadership quotes
The person who has the ability and experience to guide a flock for a mission is and called a leader. A leader has a plan , ways to implement , knows each and every detail to send across to the followers . He takes the responsibility of being successful or the failure. In olden era , the kings led their forces from the front. They used to be apt in horse riding , weaponry skills , geography of the area and a sound motivator of his men. That's why he was chosen a king. Similarly , a leader also can be equated to a king . A leader needs to be a well informed , strong , capable of leading the followers.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Motivational Sales Quotes to Inspire Your Sales Team for success

These Quotes About Sales Will Inspire the Hell Out of You

A sales team of an organisation though work hard , still they need to be bucked up so that they work to their full potential. Sometimes they need to be reminded about the aggression they are supposed to show to boost up the sales.

Motivational Quotes for Work That Will Inspire Your Employees

KickAss Motivational Quotes To Get Your Employees Pumped Up:

In any organisation , there are employees or work force to perform certain tasks. To increase the efficiency or otherwise periodically , to boost their morale and take out the best out of them , they need to be bucked up , pepped up and perked up with motivational quotes and similar methods. Whether they are back on work after a weekend , reported after a leave or they need to be got acquainted to something newly introduced.

Quotes about Smiling to Boost Mood and laugh loud

Best Happiness Quotes That Will Make You Smile (Instantly)

Jokes , laughter and funny narrations make us feel happy and light. In this world where everyone is running after money , one does forget to relax a while , think about self and make the life meaningful and cheerful. Humour makes light of a tense and busy life schedule.

Inspirational Entrepreneurs Quotes to Motivate Them for Greatness

Uplifting Entrepreneur Quotes to Ignite Your Drive

It is said , the person who takes risks , is more likely to succeed in life. Not that they take it blindly , these risks are taken after a reasonable thinking and calculations. Entrepreneurs do exactly the same. They put in money , labour and time in that particular venture. They keep their concentration on their business and apply every suitable tool and thought to make it successful.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Motivational Quotes to Inspire Success in Your Career

Motivational Quotes to Inspire You to Be Successful

Lot many suggestions and discussions we see regarding this particular subject. Why not , it is a matter of concern and one's livelihood is dependent on such decisions. A very fundamental truth is that we all are capable of doing a particular job in the best manner individually , which others can't. This is a natural gift from God to each one of us. One can become a known hair dresser and the other can become a known tailor.

Best Motivational quotes Hindi - Inspirational Motivational

Best Motivational Thoughts in Hindi on Success images

Jab aap kisi kaam Ko lagan aur mehnat se karte ho to kaamyabi aap ke kadam choome gi. Sab taraf aap ki prashansa hogi aur aap Ko Khushi bhi mile gi . Agar aap himmat se kaam karte hain to parvat ki oonchai bhi kuchh nahin. Agar mehnat karne ke Baad bhi safalta nahin milti hai to nirash hone ki aavashykta nahin. Phir se nai lagan aur nai vichar Dhara se shuru ho jaayo , kaamyabi aap Ko milegi.

Thomas Alva Edison ne jab filament wala bulb banane ki Sochi to ve 99 Baar fail hue , Lekin agli koshish mein ve banane mein Safal ho Gaye. Us bulb ka prayog hum pichhle100 saal se karte aa rahe Hein. ISI baat Ko hum samjhane ke liye aap Ko kuchh vaakya Prerna Dene ke liye hamne likhe Hein. Aap inhe Baar Baar pariye aur Apne Jeevan mein prayog kijiye , aap Ko achha Lage

motivational quotes in hindi

motivational quotes in hindi for students

motivational quotes in hindi with pictures

personality quotes in hindi

business motivational quotes in hindi

truth of life quotes in hindi

love motivational quotes in hindi

motivational quotes in hindi

Motivational Quotes In Hindi 2019 बेस्ट मोटिवेशन कोट्स

  • Jeevan mein kabhi nirash mat hoiye. Safalta ek din aap Ko milegi.
  • Agar koi aap ka saath na de to akele hi chal Paro. Thore samaye Baad log Apne aap Jud jaayen ge.
  • Agar aap mein lagan hai to bhagwaan bhi ooper se saath Dene aa jaate Hein.
  • Kisi ka Dil Na dukhana hi ooper Wale ki pooja hai.
  • Yeh Jeevan karmon par aadharit hai. Achhe karam karne se achha phal hi mile ga.
  • Nirantar chalna hi zindagi hai . Khare rehne se zindagi bhi ruk jaati hai.
  • Aap us profession Ko chuniye jis mein aap ka man lagta ho. Aisa karne se kaam aap Ko aasaan Lage ga.
  • Doosaron ki galtiyon se aur
  • anubhavon se hamen seekh Leni chahiye.
  • Kabhi kabhi Jeevan mein safalta paane ke liye kuchh jokhim bhi Lene padte Hein. Zaroor lijiye.
  • Kaam shuru karne ka intezaar na Karen , use turant aaj hi shuru Karen.


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  • motivational quotes in hindi for students
  • motivational quotes in hindi with pictures
  • personality quotes in hindI
  • business motivational quotes in hindi
  • truth of life quotes in hindi
  • love motivational quotes in hindi

Good Morning Quotes Celebrating The Start To Your Day (2019)

Inspiring Motivational Quotes to Start Your Day

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise. So many more proverbs are there to the benefits of rising early.. Morning's sun shine is so soothing , a heavenly feeling.
You have some extra hours for your daily routine. Morning's exercise is considered as the best , you have the freshest air to breath. Exercising , taking bath , remembering God for giving us this beautiful life and surroundings having a nice breakfast and then off to work cheerfully. All these little things make your day meaningful , productive and beautiful.

Most successful Motivational Quotes Ever Spoken

Best Motivational Picture Quotes About Greatness:

Motivation is required for any individual , work force , and other groups and gatherings. Some quotes we know and some are new to us . In both the cases , it becomes important to say , repeat , and constantly reminded to induce enthusiasm and energy to perform a task with more vigour.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Most Famous Inspirational Sports Quotes Whatsapp

Greatest Motivational Quotes by Athletes on Struggle and Success

An athlete competes with other opponents and tries his best to beat them all. They have this type of spirit , to stretch their talents and abilities to the extreme to give their best. Off the competition days , they practice a lot on their game

Happy Anniversary wish SMS For dada and dadi

Anniversary Wishes For Grandparents Pictures, Images:

The mere thought of grandparents reminds us of all an old couple. They are our Dada Dadi, Nana Nani. None the less, we also know how much they love us. Their love is immense, pure, without asking for any returns and favors.

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Uncle And Aunty

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Uncle And Aunty

An uncle and aunt may be related to you or they may be an elderly couple known to you in any way or context living nearby or some distance away. 

best anniversary wishes to my daughter and son in law

Anniversary SMS For Daughter And Son In Law

Daughter, lovely daughter. You are family's rosebud, fragrance, light, a goddess and much more. You came and it cheers always. You smile and we forget our difficulties and sorrows. You are a chirping bird, we like to hear your voice every moment. You are the strength that drives us to live. You are an angel who inspires the whole family.

Best Birthday Wishes For Dad - Messages & Quotes

Best Happy Birthday Dad Messages with Images

A father in a family is like a pillar, strong, caring, a breadwinner, loving and much more. He is a guiding factor, a protector, a teacher, and a counselor. We can't think of a family without a father. When he is there, we have a feeling of confidence

Best Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes

Happy Birthday, Mom! Wishes for the Best Mother in the World

She is an angel, she is a goddess, she is a protector, she is the feeder, she is loving, she is a homemaker, and all the dictionaries in the world fall short of words to describe a mother. She is incomparable, unique, and one can go to infinity to describe a mother. Regardless to say, she is the creator of humans on earth.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Brother

Happy Marriage Anniversary wishes to Brother

Having a brother is like having a best friend. Lots of childhood, adolescent, and other memories are attached to this wonderful relation. Since they grow together under the same roof, they understand each other so well. Their childhood fight, sharing, help, protection, and all such memories make a basket full of invaluable treasure. And why not, when it is an occasion to congratulate and cheer them up, we need to express in the best possible words. So, here we are to suggest a few lines, written carefully and appropriately to wish them on their wedding anniversary

Health Quotes For A Better Mind, Body (And Life)

Best Motivational and Inspirational Health Quotes

So many talks we come across about health, how to remain healthy, how to be energetic, how not to get tired, how well to perform day to day tasks, how to manage the house , how to manage work and office and all such related questions.

Happy Birthday Uncle Messages with Images - Birthday Wishes


happy anniversary di and jiju wedding wishes quotes for didi and jiju

Are you searching for happy marriage anniversary wishes quotes for didi and jiju, wedding wishes?

 World over, relations are respected and maintained because we live in a society and humans can't survive if they are disconnected. Among such relations is that of a sister with brother. Sisters are respected, given lots of love, care, attention by their brothers.
And to greet a married sister, wishing her on marriage anniversary, one needs to send her and her hubby best of the messages so that they feel good and remember the beautiful messages. With love, both are also called Didi and Jiju , Behan and Behnoi , didi and eeja ji. So here are the messages, carefully written and chosen for you to send these to your special and lovely sister

Motivational Quotes For Students Inspiration for School

We all are sent to school in our early years when we reach 4 or 5 or even earlier. What we learn there is discipline , study certain subjects , make friends and play also. Right from kindergarten to the higher secondary , we spend nearly 14 years in a school. As our classes progress , an awareness starts striking us which subjects to choose and which career to follow. Depending on our choice and of course with the guidance of parents and teachers ,  we choose a particular stream. And we go on to pursue our graduation , post graduation and possibly Ph. D also.

Studying in school and thereafter in college , one should not take it as a burden or as a horrific task. Simply listen to the teacher's lectures and try to grasp and analyse what has been taught. Ask as many questions to the teacher as you can to clear your doubts. This way teaches also come to know where the students get stuck and they change the teaching method in their subsequent lectures.

Motivational Quotes for Work That Will Inspire Your Employees

Motivational Quotes For Work And Inspirational Thoughts

A man either is self-employed or gets employment. To earn one"s  bread and butter, he works hard so that he and his family can live happily. This is how the world moves. 
Now, depending on one"s education, experience, and other factors, one goes along to perform his duties. And to be more successful, one has to put in hard work consistently. Another factor which is highlighted when you take up education is that, to choose a field which is of your interest. It is emphasized because when you love and like what you are doing you don't get bored and feel tired. And in the process, you excel also in that field. So the idea is, never try to put a square peg in a round hole. Each and every person is different from the other and each one of us is capable of doing a certain task with excellence. So God has given a particular boon and inclination towards a certain field to each of us. The only thing we have to see in ourselves, what is that. Good luck to all.

Inspiring Motivational Quotes for Being Happier

true happiness quotes IN english

Happiness in one's life is a relative term. A person earning 100 rupees may be content whereas another earning 500 may not be happy at all.
See, if you possess a home to live, clothing to cover yourself and food to eat, you are having all the necessary things to survive. Ironically, with these three things, one can be happy and lead a peaceful life. Along with this if you exercise every day for a few minutes and eat healthy homemade food, your happiness knows no bounds. You feel at the top of the world. That is good health.
Now the discontentment comes from within ourselves only. Say I want to accumulate so much wealth. And if you are not able to accumulate  you start worrying, which is unnecessary.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Ways to Say Happy Birthday Aunt - Find your perfect birthday wish

An aunt may be blood related to you or any other elder women known to you is addressed as an aunt. She is emotionally attached to the whole family , especially to her nephews and nieces. We can find  motherly feelings in her , she is so loving. Being an elder , she shares her life experiences with you and you are helped to be a better person. So to wish her on some certain days ,, we need to find some suitable words to cheer her up. One such day is her birthday. You can choose the lines which you think are just befitting the occasion.

Cute Birthday Messages to Impress your Girlfriend

romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend

First, love and it is so full of bliss, excitement, sensuality and immensely expressed. An age comes and a feeling for having a girlfriend is felt, which is quite natural. You share so many feelings, thoughts, and other matters and anything and everything with her. It is a healthy sign and a natural behavior from each side having such a friendship. This friendship may lead to marriage or it may come to an end in between, depending upon many factors. Nonetheless, wishing your sweetheart on her birthday with special words makes her day. So here we have weaved a few lines for you to select which describes her the best.

Top Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes and Wishes

Like a mom. One can compare a grandmother to a mom. Caring, loving, storytelling, singing lullabies and taking every effort to see that you are safe and healthy. Even at this age, she is ready to take full and all responsibilities of her grandchildren. Isn't it amazing and unique?  She may not be able to hold herself and dependent on other family members, but curious energy runs into her when it comes to taking care of you. Such a remarkable and strong lady.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Sweetest Birthday Wishes for your Grandfather - Happy Birthday

birthday wishes for grandfather in english
Grandfather in a family is like a strong pillar, a guiding source, a loving human, an experienced person who has seen life so vast. He shares so many past experiences with the family that we learn a lot from them. He loves everyone in the family without any favors. He is especially attached to grandchildren. He tells them stories, share jokes and when needed, helps them in their studies also. Whenever someone in the family is in ambiguity, he is the one who suggests a solution.

Happy Birthday Messages and SMS for Your Boss

happy birthday boss lady

When we get employment, it is always there that we have to take instructions, carry out the work and report to a particular person, that is boss. He or she is definitely more experienced, older, educated than us. He is a guiding factor in our job, learn so many intricacies and who knows you could also be in his chair when he is promoted to the next.
A boss is to be looked upon as our educator, mentor, a well-wisher from
whom we learn to perform well and go on to become a successful person in our life like him.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Happy Birthday Quotes for a Friend On Wishes and Success

happy birthday wishes sms

It is said, " a friend in need is a friend indeed". If you have such a friend(s), then you are very lucky. Not that all friends are the same. Everyone has friends who are different in nature, their behavior, their social status, their education. But none the less, they are your friends. You can share your thoughts with them, share your experiences, talk about everything on earth and in turn you both get much informed, grow a little more intelligent and learn a lot of things from one another.

Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Brother with Images

happy birthday wishes for brother on facebook

A brother is a companion with whom lots of memories are associated. Since they are brought up under a common roof and parents, they know each other very well. Childhood fights, love, sharing, protection, and so many other memories are there which are just unforgettable. They learn a lot from each other, discuss various topics and help in all the matters. And when it comes to wish and congratulate a brother on his birthday, it becomes a point to convey him inappropriate manner, so that he feels special and loved one.

Short And Long Birthday Messages, Wishes Quotes For Sister

inspirational birthday message for sister

Having a sister in the family makes it complete. She is a symbol of, love, affection, tenderness, strength, care, beauty and all the goodies one can think of. Lots of childhood memories are attached to growing up together. Our love, fights, sharing, help, laughter, and sorrows as well. Being close to each other and brought up under the same atmosphere, the siblings understand each other very well. Having a sister in the family is like a rosebud, fragrant and beautiful. She helps everyone in the family, takes care of everything and everybody. And if she is elder, teaches about life and other matters as well.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

A husband to a lady is so special , needless to say. God has created this beautiful world with these two , husband and wife. They set an example of understanding , love , care , passion , compassion and everything we can think of. Marrying a man who has these qualities is like a dream come true.
So , expressing your feelings for that wonderful man in your life is something he always deserves. One such occasion is your own marriage. So we have compiled some beautiful lines for you to choose from and express the same which best describes him


Best Wedding Anniversary wishes quotes for chacha and chachi

A chacha or an uncle is blood-related to one. Being a younger sibling of the father, he is emotionally attached to the whole family, especially to his nephews and nieces. So it becomes our duty and responsibility to reciprocate when it comes to wishing them on different occasions and days.
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