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Health Quotes For A Better Mind, Body (And Life)

Best Motivational and Inspirational Health Quotes

So many talks we come across about health, how to remain healthy, how to be energetic, how not to get tired, how well to perform day to day tasks, how to manage the house , how to manage work and office and all such related questions.

Having heard that, let us know a few facts.  There is no doubt about that to perform all such jobs, we need to be energetic and healthy. We drive a car, and the car needs fuel to get going. An adulterated fuel is likely to stall a car because its engine refuses to digest a wrong fuel. Similarly, we need the right kind of food, which is accepted by our stomach and digestive system. This food when digested properly gives the energy to perform our day to day functions.
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25 Inspirational Health And Wellness Quotes

So every problem related to health boils down to the fact that what we intake and eat in our breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between.It is said that we should stick to nature to remain healthy. Sticking to nature reminds me to mention that the food we intake should be raw as far as possible. Raw food means the one you can have without cooking it. It includes all kinds of fruits. God has given us fruits which require no cooking at all. Moreover, it is a kind of food which is full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential elements which are required by our body. And another plus point attached to the fruits is, even if you like so much to have it in excess, it has no side effects on the system of our body.

Another natural food He has provided is vegetables. Now, all the vegetables you can't have in raw form, as is the case with fruits. Raw vegetables which You can have in the raw form include cucumber, tomatoes, onion, salad leaves, green chilies and a few more. Why I am emphasizing on the raw intake of food items is that when we cook food, with the temperature the nutrients present in the vegetables get destroyed and we are devoid of the essential elements required by the body.

Another healthy food He has provided is in the form of milk. You can have milk, curd, cheese, and all milk related products which give you protein and all the required elements.
Then come the pulses, wheat, rice, spices, and all other eatables.

So basic fundamental is to have the food in its natural form without cooking. If cooking is needed, it should be at such a low temperature that the required elements are not destroyed.
Along with the food, exercise on a daily basis is essential. Any exercise, walking, running, yoga, pranayama, aerobic, etc. Time should be 15 minutes to an hour, depending on you only.
We will keep updating on your health-related requirements and hope you are fighting fit and fine.

  • Having money and property is of no use If I am sick and unable to enjoy.
  • If a car's engine is not perfect, no use giving it the best of paints
  •  Need to succeed in life?  First, keep your body fit.
  • Efficiency in your life is directly related to your good health.
  • Say no to tobacco, alcohol to stay in good shape and health.
  • Your mind and body are the reflections of what you feed your stomach.
  • Consume homemade food and stay healthy.
  • Want people's attention and appreciation? Stay healthy.
  • Tendulkar's cricket prowess was due to his good health.
  • Want to get a nice job? Good health will help you find one soon.


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