Sunday, 5 May 2019

Happy Birthday Messages and SMS for Your Boss

happy birthday boss lady

When we get employment, it is always there that we have to take instructions, carry out the work and report to a particular person, that is boss. He or she is definitely more experienced, older, educated than us. He is a guiding factor in our job, learn so many intricacies and who knows you could also be in his chair when he is promoted to the next.
A boss is to be looked upon as our educator, mentor, a well-wisher from
whom we learn to perform well and go on to become a successful person in our life like him.

So, wishing him on some certain days it is our moral duty and his birthday is one of those important days. Here we have carefully compiled a few lines to congratulate him in an appropriate manner.

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happy birthday boss man

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  • I owe my success to you only.
  • God bless a very happy birthday to you, sir.
  •  You have been a guiding source for me throughout. Happy birthday sir.
  • You are the best person on earth.
  • Thank-you for what I am today. A very happy birthday, dear sir.
  •  You taught me how to perform and win praise. Thanks for your support and love. Very happy birthday to you sir.
  •  You are the one who has been able to take the organization to such a height. I learned a lot from you. Wish you a very happy birthday sir.
  •  You have been a source of inspiration and motivation. Love you.
  • Wish you a happy birthday sir.
  •   You have supported and guided us through all the hurdles in our office work. Thanks. Very Happy birthday dear sir.
  •  I wonder, how could we perform and learn if you weren't there. Thanks for being with us. I wish you a very happy birthday on this special day.
  • You have been like a father figure in the office, loving, caring, guiding and supporting. On this special day, I wish you happy birthday sir.
  •  Your innovative ideas to take this organization to prosperity is second to none. I wish you a very happy birthday, stay blessed.


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